Productivity Boost

Increasing the product throughput and reducing the operating costs

An important competitive parameter is a meat company’s ability to utilize process equipment and operators 100%. According to DMRI’s experience, the economic potential for improving competitiveness through productivity are 5-10% of the total costs/kg produced in many meat companies.

DMRI offers a consultancy service where we boost productivity by increasing the kg or units produced, while keeping the same number of staff and by improving the efficiency.

We call this service a Productivity Boost, based on a success fee.

The service focuses on two elements: operator productivity and process efficiency.

To track and control the improvements, DMRI has developed a simple yet impressive Productivity Management Tool (PMT), and we will train your key personnel in utilizing it. The PMT will provide you with a comprehensive KPI dashboard, which will provide and ensure constant focus on the level of productivity.

The methodology and work plan for the Productivity Boost is as follows:

o ensure anchoring of changes; focus and cultural, the task runs for 1 year + implementation of the needed physical modifications. Our approach will ensure the anchoring in your organization with a sustained performance through the project time.

In general, we say that only minor investments will be needed, and we will not require the participating company to make investments in advanced technology.

We work in two areas:

Increased throughput Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE%)
Balancing and line staffing Layout and logistics
Work instructions and standardization Process arrangements
Operator skills and training IT and production planning
Implementation of KPI’s and ongoing Follow-up Process conditions and maintenance