Innovations in launch mode

We are currently finalising a number of innovative and groundbreaking new machines and robot systems. One of these is a robot system for pulling ribs from pork bellies. The equipment will be launched by Frontmatec in 2019.

Another new system is the Meat Mover Robot, which easily moves fresh and wrapped meat cuts from conveyor belt to conveyor belt or from conveyor belt to a packaging unit or box.


 The Meat Mover Robot easily moves fresh and wrapped meat cuts.

Please contact DMRI, if you want further information regarding the Meat Mover Robot.

Development pipeline

At DMRI, we look ahead and come up with ideas for changing the production paradigm in the meat industry. We focus on effectiveness, quality, animal welfare, hygiene and the working environment.

This has inspired us to look at a radical innovation, moving the traditional meat production from pace line operation to a cell-based production paradigm. We believe it is difficult to increase effectivity on the pace line by much. Instead, we are looking at robots that can cut, prepare and finalise as much of the entire carcass as possible.

We are at the beginning of something groundbreaking and are looking for partners who would like to join us on our journey.

Innovation and cooperation with DMRI

DMRI develops solutions to automate and robotise manual processes in the meat industry with a view to improving working conditions, reducing overall costs and improving quality. Our focus is on the pig meat industry as well as the beef and poultry sectors.

If you don’t have an idea, we’ll think of one!

Either our customers and partners have their own ideas which they would like us to develop, or, alternatively, we provide the basic methods and our partners finalise the product and bring the new equipment to the marketplace.

Cooperation with DMRI will provide you with profitable new solutions and new technology

When you team up with DMRI, you can expect to get the following in return:

  • Agile development in automation and robotics
  • Deep insight into the meat industry
  • Extensive test capabilities in production and pilot plant
  • Increased return on investment

We are always looking for partners who want to cooperate and find new profitable ways to innovate and improve business in the meat industry.

Strong history of DMRI contribution

DMRI has introduced technological breakthroughs to the international meat industry for decades. One of our major contributions is the Backloader CO2 stunner which Marel currently sells worldwide. The Backloader is used to stun pigs before slaughtering.

Another example is our 3D Derinding Robot which includes a patented measuring and knife system with eight individual knives that automatically cut the pork loin, leaving a desired level of rind (lard). The system is sold by Frontmatec A/S.

Many innovations still in use

Other examples of our contribution to the industry are a robot system for pulling ribs from pork bellies and automated equipment for splitting and separating pig carcasses. Equipment and machines for splitting pig middles are one of our earliest developments that are currently in regular use in the meat industry.

We have also developed automated equipment for removing organs, for example heart and liver, and also residuals such as leaf lard.

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