Health System


System designed to be placed in any personal access point (industry, hospitals, offices, commerce, etc.). Its function is to carry out hand disinfection, body temperature ontrol and it also has the option of mask control and facial control of personnel passage.

Equipment description:

  1. Photocell of person presence.
  2. Step indicator light if we have correctly fulfilled the disinfection and correct temperature registration functions.
    1. Green colour, correct (right of way).
    2. Red colour + siren, wrong (step denied).
  3. Temperature control and facial recognition terminal with mask control option and facial step control.
  4. Hand sanitizer. We place our hands, and a sensor measures a dose of disinfectant in our hands. Blue indicator light for the hand disinfection area.
  5. Access door to recharge disinfectant and to the control panel.
  6. Output control photocell. Activate the alarm if we have not complied with the disinfection and temperature checking protocol..

Technical characteristics:

– Designed to be placed in any personal access point.
– Different options. With support foot or without, with tourniquet or without.
– Option of temperature control terminal only.
– Configurable 7 “facial recognition terminal with temperature control, mask control and step registration.
– Temperature range from 34 to 42 ºC.
– Detection distance 40-50cm.
– Temperature precision 0.3 ºC.
– Constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel, satin finish.
– Control with incorrect verification alarm.
– Green light indication verification correct.
– Collection container for excess disinfectant without the need for a drain.
– Single phase 230V power supply.
– Power 200w.

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