Plastic detection made easy

Unhappy consumers and retailers with empty shelves are a real worry to many meat producers.

Modern large meat processors may easily produce 20-30t of meat on a line per day, so having a complaint or recall due to plastic foreign objects are a real challenge. It is not only the value and loss of the recalled product, but brand image and handling costs can be large factors too.

Since 2016, we have supplied DynaCQ plastic detection solutions for in-line surface detection and many solutions are now running for years at international raw meat or processed food operations. The DynaCQ finds plastic on a daily basis. Depending on the raw materials used and internal processes applied, the level of plastic found can be up to hourly, and in the order 1 piece per 5-10 ton product.

Two side screening

In 2020, we introduced the upgraded 2 side DynaC version where the product is screened from two surface sides in a waterfall setup, where a under-camera checks for plastic “behind the waterfall”. This setup offers to find more plastic looking at larger surface area. At high speed products can be presented almost single layer and thereby check most of the surface for any plastic items down to just few millimeter size.

We see a growing interest for the two-side screening, now in operation at several meat processors, and we also offer upgrade of the original, top of belt solution at existing customers.

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