Chilling process for new pork slaughter facility

Case story: Kekén Mexico

“Involving DMRI early on ensured that we extended the planned footprint for our blast chilling operation, so we secured a process that influenced our meat quality and chill loss levels positively. DMRI also provided support on demand evaluating building details to extend the life of the building structure,” says Project Manager & Lead Engineer, Ivan Villalobos Blanco, Kekén, Mexico

Project data
Chilling footprint: 2720 m2
Slaughter cap.: 500 pigs/h
Duration: 2016-2019

DMRI scope included:

Chilling process specifications. Complete documentation of blast chilling equipment and requirements to performance as well as air temperatures, process time, air flow, carcass spacing and all parameters relevant to ensure low chill loss and high meat quality in the final chilled carcasses. The specifications covered both the quick/blast chilling area and the adjacent equalizing rooms.

Building specifications for chilling areas. Extensive guidelines for correct construction of the insulated structure containing the quick/blast chiller that ensures structural longevity even with frequent defrosting and refreezing in connection with cleaning. The specifications also defined best practice for interfacing with other building parts, pipe penetrations, vapour barrier integrity, insulated panel finish and steel column support on insulated floor.

Review of refrigeration contractor documentation. Thorough examination of the intended supply from the selected refrigeration contractor that ensured the quality of the delivered equipment along with satisfactory performance.